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Room service
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Additional paid services

Reserve your personalized service when booking. You will find all the services when you arrive at the hotel.

Business Kit € 15
Water Frigobar, salty snacks and prosecco, Coffee at the bar, Room service, Early breakfast, National newspaper at breakfast, Lap tray – Mobile support for PC and tablet, Fax, printer and photocopier at reception

Woman Kit € 15
Minibar water, Room service, Women’s magazine, Professional hairdresser and in-room plate, Balsamo Cappelli Geneva Guild, Bathrobe and slippers

Sea Kit rental € 10
beach bag, beach towel, towel, sunscreen and extra slippers

Packed lunch € 20 + € 20 deposit per thermal bag
first, side dish, fruit, dessert, drinks

Lomi Lomi massage € 50
at nearby external structure