Symbol of the city, the Viaduct on the Fiumarella, or Ponte “Bisantis”, connects the historic center of Catanzaro with the De Filippis district located on the other side of the valley on the Fiumarella. This stupendous work, a monument of engineering and architecture, is in reinforced concrete and was built in 1962 by the architect Riccardo Morandi.
The Bridge is the second in the world for the width of the arch, and for many years it was the largest bridge in Europe for the width of the arch. These are the technical data that enhance the size of the work: amplitude of arc (light) 231 meters; height from the valley bottom 110 meters; road seat length 468.45 meters. The arch, made up of two independent semiarchs, has a wide box-shaped structure of 10.50 meters and a base of 25 meters. Initially called Viadotto Morandi, in 2001 it was named after Fausto Bisantis, an illustrious citizen of Catanzaro and senator of the Italian Republic.