Among the most evocative castles of Calabria, the Castello Aragonese of Le Castella has become the symbol of cultural tourism in the region.

Located on a small strip of land overlooking the beautiful coast of the Saracens into the municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto, the splendid fortress of Le Castella is what remains of a vast area that was to constitute a real village surrounded by Walls.

The fortress never hosted the nobility of the place, but it always served as a shelter for the soldiers engaged against attacks coming from the sea by the invaders on duty.
The archaeological excavations carried out inside the fortress , have highlighted different historical and architectural stratifications with overlap of different building phases.

The entire area of Capo Rizzuto located in the middle of the beautiful coast of the Saracens, is one of the most touristic area in Calabria, both for the landscape and environmental value of the coasts, and for the richness of cultural resources and archaeological sites.