The Biodiversity Mediterranean Park is a green area that extends for 60 hectares in the heart of the city of Catanzaro. The Park, inaugurated in 2004, is the result of the environmental requalification of the old company of the local Agricultural School, for decades in the grip of degradation and neglect. Since 2002, the Provincial Administration of Catanzaro has carried out a massive remodeling of the landscape in the spirit of a naturalistic engineering oriented to the respect and the enhancement of biodiversity. Today the Park is an ecosystem in which many floristic and faunistic varieties coexist and it is above all a multi-thematic system in which the naturalistic dimension intertwines with the cultural, sporting and recreational one. Inside the Park you can find the headquarters of the CRAS (Wild Animal Recovery Center), the MUSMI (Military Historical Museum “Brigata Catanzaro”) and the Provincial Police Corps. –