The regional nature reserve of the somber valleys established by regional law the 21st December 2016 is an important naturalistic area of the Presila Catanzarese, near Sersale, in Calabria. The protected area consists of three bodies: Dark Canyon Valleys-Monte Raga, Crocchio and Bell ringer. The first two bodies are in the municipality of Sersale, the third bell ringer, is between the territory of Sersale and Zagarise.

 The peculiarity of the area is linked to the presence of waterfalls, canyons, secular trees, botanical rarities and monoliths.
The path leading into the gloomy valleys by the municipality of Sersale existed since AD 800 and connects 4 Basilian monasteries.
The particular morphological configuration of the gloomy valleys consists in the existence of a huge canyon along the river path that enters a vast valley under Mount Raga.